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Prenatal Breastfeeding Class


Preparing for breastfeeding…

  • Myth busting….what do you really need to have on hand before your due date.


Do you need a breast or nipple check prior to delivery….

  • Have you had normal breast changes during your pregnancy?
  • Did you have fertility challenges?
  • Are nipples inverted or pierced?
  • And we’ll discuss any concern with any prior breast surgery.


Early after delivery points we will discuss:

  • Vitamin K  &  Erythromycin eye ointment – when & why?
  • Should baby always be to breast ASAP?
  • When should weight & length checks be done?
  • Is Rooming -In important?   How about skin to skin care?


The first few days:

  • Normal expectations for milk volumes & frequency of feeds…
  • What’s so great about Mom’s colostrum?
  • When should you ask for assistance with feeds?   Who should you ask for help ?
  • How should visitors be managed?
  • When will your milk arrive?  And what can be done about engorgement?


The first week:

  • What is “Normal” vs Average   vs frequently seen?
  • How should baby’s weight trend those first few checks?
  • What is jaundice, and how can breastfeeding help with that concern?
  • How many wet diapers & stools daily is normal?


How does sleep fit into breastfeeding?

  • What is normal as an expectation for sleep for all family members?
  • What would be the definition of “Safe Sleep”?
  • What about co-sleeping?
  • How can your partner help with sleep success?


Beyond that first week:

  • Understanding the lactation specific Affordable Care Act coverage mandates….
    • What is your insurance company obligation in regards to supporting lactation?
  • Can you utilize help from WIC?
  • How can LLL be helpful…. Have you joined LLL yet?
  • How can you plan for going back to work or school?
    • What first questions do you have about pumping?
    • What brand or style of pump will meet your needs?
    • When do you need to think about starting to build a stash of frozen milk?
  • What are your goals for breastfeeding …. How many months  & how exclusive?
  • What are the goals recommended by the World Health Organization & the AAP?


We’ll also review how & when to reach Joyful Start for ongoing assistance –

  • We will define what would be a routine issue VS an urgent need to call…
    • And we will provide you contact links for any situations.