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Back to work or school while breastfeeding


It would be very rare for a breastfeeding mom never to have to be separated from their nursling.

A very high percent of moms go out of their home for jobs, at least part time, or they return to school.

Normally these separations occur well before the time comes when Moms plan to, or desire to, wean their baby.


The challenges of these separations are threefold….

  • The first concern is -- Mom’s milk supply will diminish if demand is perceived as waning.  Demand needs to be sufficiently maintained, even if baby is not available, to literally insure ongoing adequate milk production.  This means mom absolutely needs instruction about adequate milk expression.
  • Second, the breastfeeding baby will still need to be fed, even while mom is unavailable.  So their moms need to learn, not only about expressing milk, but also how to safely handle expressed milk, and sound strategies for feeding baby which do not sabotage breastfeeding.
  • Third, Mastitis may be a concern.  Any time a dramatic change occurs, in either the frequency or the completeness of breast emptying, moms are at risk for developing a breast infection… mastitis.  Education needs to happen prior to any big changes about this risk.


As to milk expression, during this class we will review best practice for:

  • The timing of expressing milk
  • emptying techniques
  • keeping mom hydrated
  • relaxation techniques
  • all the equipment possibly needed
  • equipment maintenance
  • milk storage / handling guidelines


Specifically as to going back to work or school we will discuss:

  • First Day Back  hints
  • Daycare Hints for the Breastfed Baby /  Bottle feeding techniques for the breastfed baby


As to Mastitis, we will review :

  • Ways to avoid this infection
  • Signs & Symptoms to observe for
  • Non pharmaceutical interventions
  • When & Who to call for advise


You can be successful breastfeeding as you go back to work or school if you follow sound common-sense guidelines.


Your Joyful Start IBCLC will help you navigate this transition.