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Ankyloglossia pre-release classes



Your baby will need to be kept comfortable, both during & after its tie release procedure.

We’ll review strategies for pain management in the immediate post procedure hours, and for

combating muscle fatigue in the days after their release.


Sweeps / Lifts / Stretches:

Active Wound Care is required to minimize any undesired reattachment of freed oral tissue. We

will demonstrate, & let you practice the most up to date methods to keep the tongue & lip mobile.

And you’ll be well prepared to monitor for desired healing.



After tie restrictions are released there is a vast new potential for improved range of motion.

A set of easy exercises will be taught, so directed playtime can be used to develop the tongue & lip’s

new capabilities. Ease & gentleness will be emphasized.


Tummy Time:

Tummy Time is part of the “exercises” we recommend. That specific activity is needed to gain upper

body strength, which then helps with suck retraining and all upper trunk & head control. We will

discuss rationales & goals for this specific type of play time.


New lip position & latch depth:

Your baby is going to have to develop some new habits after its ties are released. As far back as about

the 13th week of your pregnancy, your baby has been “practicing” sucking. The current rolled- in

positioning of its upper lip & the shallow depth of its latch are purely well practiced “bad habits.” Of

course these habits have been all baby could maintain, but after a tie release better things will be

possible! During this class we will teach parents new techniques which will decrease pain, improve

milk transfer, and improve sleep after the tie releases.


Daily Schedule….

We’ll review what a recovery day’s schedule should look like. We’ll provide a clear flow sheet for

those first few days after the release… helping you map out what to expect.

You won’t have to invent the wheel! We’ll provide your tools.


When to ask for help

Advice will be given on how to ask for, expect and accept help…. When to reach out to your Joyful

Start IBCLC or your tie release provider, and ways your partner can save the day.

And we’ll share tips on realistic expectations for non baby-care activities……



Your baby’s tie release will absolutely be much more successful, and less stress filled, after you have been

properly prepared!